Senior UX Designer

I love to travel and take photographs. I grew up on a steady diet of comic books and role playing games. I built a SCSI computer with two graphics cards at age 14. I’ve been a fan of science fiction since I was little.

User experience design and front-end web development stand out as my areas of expertise. I have a versatile background in web, yet also excel at identity and print design. Some would call me a T-shaped designer. Prior to Microsoft, I worked as UX designer at Getty Images and as a freelance designer for small to medium businesses in the Seattle area.

I hold a Bachelors of Arts in Visual Communication from Brooks Institute. I live in the beautiful Earlington Hill area of Renton, WA with my 9 year old wolfdog, Orion.

What people think of my work.

I believe Matt’s work speaks for itself, and in my experience he brings that level of creativity and focus to all of his projects. In the advertising work we did together he was deeply tied to the outcomes of his creative products, and hungry to receive quantitative feedback on their performance. That feedback loop meant he was always optimizing and improving his designs to meet our strategic goals.

Beyond his work I believe Matt would be an excellent fit for any companies culture. He is a thoughtful and caring dude. He is receptive to feedback, open to collaboration, and passionate about bringing his best ideas to the team.

— Jason Wilson, Senior Digital Marketing Analyst at Tableau

Matt took a tough challenge working in a Dev-driven organization with no designers at all. The organization brought together (re-orgs) a collection of user experiences that were not fresh and modern. Matt was instrumental in laying the foundation working with me to bring a collective sense of style, experience, and interaction patterns that evolved our brand.

The complexity of our services took Matt a bit of time to understand, but partnering with other designers, he quickly excelled and was valued highly for his attention to detail and quality. Unfortunately, Matt hasn't had the opportunity to see a lot of these experiences complete as they are in-flight getting implemented. I look forward to sharing the good news when the foundational designs are live with Matt.

For a team, or organization, who needs a designer with experience working in complex designs, with dynamic ever changing requirements, and a strong attention to detail would get high value from working and/or hiring Matt. He was a great asset to our design team and I'd hire him for any role in the future.

— Chris Adams, Principal PM Manager at Microsoft

Matt has worked with me in Azure Cloud and Engineering Services group and has demonstrated excellent design skills. Matt is very detailed oriented, creates awesome designs that improves usability aspects and very thorough in his work. He has demonstrated excellent collaboration skills while working on design challenges and as a team, we were able to change the face of ICM and created an excellent user experience.

— Alok Goyal, Principal Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft

Matt came up with brilliant ideas and was able to generate an array of delightful designs that significantly improved the overall user experience. Matt always had a solution ready, from great responsive tables that scaled from phone to desktop, to smart ways to filter the data and insert new one, just to mention a few. Matt was able to quickly understand what we could deliver on schedule and provided tradeoffs and adjustments to the original designs in a timely manner, without compromising the quality of the experience. The final experience looked highly professional, the number of clicks to execute an action was drastically reduced and our team was eventually able to support all relevant screen resolutions.

Matt is a cheerful, approachable guy that is very well versed in his area of expertise and possesses the ability to communicate clearly and effectively with a dev team. I am confident that Matt would be a great asset to any team who is seeking an experienced UX designer.

— Christian Piccolo, Software Developer 2 at Microsoft

I hired Matt to build my Identity as a Photographer while I was attending Seattle Central Community College. He was responsive to what I was looking for and blew me out of the water when I saw his ideas come to life and the options he gave for logo and web design. Everything flowed together nicely from the logo, to the color scheme and the entire theme of my identity was exactly what I was going for.

— Luna Azul, Photographer

Full of creativity, Matt was wonderful to work with and an amazingly talented designer. He always gave 110% to his design work which not only looked great but made for an ideal user experience. Matt is a very thoughtful designer, always making sure he's assessed every aspect of each project and he would always bring new ideas and concepts to the table. I would jump at the chance to work with Matt again as he is one of the most proactive and focused designers I've worked with.

— Jennifer Murrow, Design Strategy Consultant